C Family | August Sunset

Although August around here was pretty smoky from distant wildfires we lucked out with a reasonably clear day for Ashley and Ron's session. With two sets of grandparents, a toddler, parents and two dogs these guys definitely kept me on my toes for the hour or so that we got to hang out together (especially now being over 6 months pregnant!) :) We met up at Paterson Garden, which is quickly becoming one of my fav go-to photo session spots! It's so quiet and peaceful there (perfect for incorporating the pets) with rows and rows of trees to explore. It's also one of my favourite things to include grandparents in a photo session because I think those memories are so special to have over the years! They also make great grandparent gifts ; ) I find photo sessions that involve young children to be great opportunities for candid photos (toddlers not usually being ones to pose for very long!) and I just love some of the moments we caught here!